Sine Control Technology Inc* has been producing highly effective Surge Protective Devices (also called Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors, or TVSS) for over 40 years.

Sine Control was founded in the late 1970s to address power-quality issues on military test ranges. The result was PowerClamp™: a surge suppression device that used a unique hybrid of multiple suppression technologies. This advanced design is capable of attenuating AC powerline spikes and surges to within a few volts of the AC sine wave, providing unparalleled protection of critical and sensitive electronic equipment.

Over the past five decades, Sine Control Technology Inc. has shipped thousands of PowerClamp™ SPDs to users worldwide. Our clients encompass scores of industries: broadcasting, medical, industrial, manufacturing, utilities, military, etc. PowerClamp™ Surge Protective Devices are ideal for any mission-critical installation where downtime is unacceptable.

*formerly Sine Control International Corp.

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